An employee of Jenny’s on the Boulevard sweeps debris left by bullets which hit the window after the Cipriani Boulevard, Port-of-Spain restaurant early Tuesday morning.

At least nine bullet holes were found by police officers investigating a shooting incident that occurred early on Tuesday morning at Jenny’s on the Boulevard in Port-of-Spain.

The incident happened three days after proprietress Jenny Sharma made a public post on social media alleging police harassment at her business.

A police officer yesterday confirmed that the gunmen opened fire on the business between 2 and 2.30 am on Tuesday and that officers were still viewing CCTV footage to determine whether or not the gunmen intentionally targeted the business.

Police added that the gunmen were seen leaving in a white vehicle from near the scene.

Efforts to reach Sharma were unsuccessful yesterday as she did not answer calls to her cell phone.

However, a source close to Sharma said she has no clue who and why anyone would want to shoot up her business.

Asked whether or not she felt threatened, the source said Sharma is concerned and plans on increasing security around her and the establishment.

Over the weekend, Sharma alleged police harassment after she claimed that three vans loaded with approximately 8-12 officers walked into her business to indicate they were in breach of the COVID-19 protocols.

Sharma said she understood why they were there and met them. She claimed there was one table left on the terrace, one in the dining room and a couple was leaving, while staff and security were finishing their duties.

She added there were only three cars were in her car park, one being her family’s.

“The bar and entrances were also closed at 10 pm. The officers also had to wait outside for the gate to be opened. I was getting a lecture from the Sgt that customers must leave the compound at least by 10.30 pm. I then showed her my phone, it was exactly 10.29 pm. Another woman police officer went straight into the fine dining towards the last customer table (all doctors) and asked them to leave,” Sharma wrote in a post.

“The Sgt told me ‘let it be the last time’. I remained calm and respectful as I also assured her we were closed by 10 pm. And protocols were followed.”

However, Sharma claimed that was not the first time officers had done this.