Yvette Pierre, of Cachipe Village, Moruga, shows the cracks in her home caused by a burst water main.

It has been nine months since a massive landslip tore away part of the Moruga Main Road, taking with it the main water distribution line.

Since then, 12 families from Cachipe Village, Moruga, have been without pipe-borne water.

Resident Yvette Pierre said she longs for the day when water will once again return to her taps.

“It’s really frustrating not having water. Whenever we have to wash clothes or flush toilets we have to tote water,” she said.

At the age of 59, Pierre said the chore was tiresome.

She said the Water and Sewerage Authority provides a truck-borne water supply every two or three weeks. But when water runs low, they have to trek 18 miles to Princes Town to get water.

Despite the inconveniences, they still pay their water bills.

Pierre said the repairs on the landslip started a month ago but the main water line was never repaired.

“My son lost two houses because of that landslip. The land always moving here and once the water line breaks the landslip gets worse,” she added.

She explained that her son was now in the process of rebuilding the house once again.

A private trucker who was seen delivering water in the area said dozens of families in Moruga get truck-borne water from the WASA hydrant at Bois Bois and St Marys. “We deliver as far as Rock Road, Cachipe and Rock River,” the trucker said.

He explained that increased landslips have caused hardship to residents and affected pipe-borne water delivery.

Landslips have also developed along Lengua Road, Indian Walk, Moruga, as well as several places along the Moruga Main Road.