In light of the recent concerns that have been expressed, both by the Prime Minister and our medical experts, concerning the severity of the Delta variant of the Covid 19 virus and its potential for entry into Trinidad and Tobago, the National Joint Action Committee (NJAC) is expressing its concern about the lack of systems of monitoring and control at the Alcan Bay facility at Chaguaramas.

There continues to be a continuous movement of Venezuelan personnel between Alcan Bay and Venezuela on a regular basis without any form of restriction or regulation in place. In most instances there is uncontrolled mixing between the Venezuelans and locals without any adherence to the required protocols.  We have already learnt from international sources, that the Delta variant of the virus is already present in South America, including Venezuela. The current situation at Alcan Bay therefore, poses a great risk for the people of Trinidad. and Tobago.

Several attempts by the Alcan Bay fishermen to have the matter addressed by the authorities, including, Customs and the Ministry of National Security, has been to no avail. NJAC therefore, appeals to the relevant authorities to address this situation urgently, in order to avert an impending disaster. NJAC also calls on the media to investigate this very precarious situation. The people of this country are already undergoing tremendous suffering due to the impact of the Covid 19 virus, including the P1 variant. Our people cannot afford to be further victims of a much more severe and potent variant of the virus at this point in time.