PSA President Watson Duke.


That was the stance of PSA President Watson Duke when he finally answered questions raised in a CNC3 Unspun investigative story on Sunday night about a half a million-dollar pension payment he took- after agreeing to resign from the PSA in 2019- but later reneged on that promise and ran for another term as president.

He later won a contentious election.

The receipt of that half a million-dollar payment is now the subject of a police investigation by the Fraud Squad after Public Services Association member and former General Secretary Oral Saunders made an official report about the alleged financial irregularity.

Yesterday on Facebook Duke said, “I told my people I am looking to resign, but you know what they have to give me my pension after I got my pension a man can change his mind eh. I decided I will change my mind and I did that without any apology,” Duke said.

Duke had evaded questions by Guardian Media about his $.5m pension payment for close to two weeks.

Duke obtained the $521,695 in three tranches between September and November 2019 according to Saunders who spoke about the matter.

Saunders said this was in direct contravention of the PSA Act of Section 102 which speaks to when an officer has decided to resign or leave the PSA.

It is only when someone demits office in the PSA, they are entitled to the pension payment.

Duke spewed venom at Saunders, former first vice president of the PSA Ian Murray as well as Minister of Public Utilities Marvin Gonzales claiming it was politically motivated.

Duke said Saunders had “greed for love of money and power.”

He also took a jab at Murray stating he was a “Judas,” and that he had helped him to obtain status in the PSA executive.

He also made reference to Minister Gonzales indicating he was a ‘nasty man’ and he would sue him unless he apologised for remarks made recently that were connected to the recent WASA fiasco in which Duke’s wife company Blackstone Engineering Tech had recently benefitted from multi-million-dollar contracts.

Duke said he was not afraid of any police investigation and said that his lawyers were ready and waiting.

“I wanted my money. I got my money, and they say it is not my money. Well Fraud Squad have to come to me, and I tell them when they come, step properly. Bring all yuh case and I will deal with that.

“My lawyers are in their running shoes,” he said as he thumped the desk.

Duke claimed that the PNM government and Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley were jealous about his “black success” and claimed they were trying to attack his good name.