Kazim Hosein and his wife Cathy Hosein voted at the San Fernando Central Secondary School.

Sascha Wilson

As electors continue to came out in their numbers to vote, no discrepancies was reported this far to the People’s National Movement in at least three constituencies in south.

Local Government Minister Kazim Hosein says as the PNM coordinator for San Fernando West, San Fernando East and Pointe a Pierre he has been on the ground since 4.30 am, visiting various polling stations and he has received no complaints.

Speaking with reporters after voting at San Fernando Central Secondary School, Kazim Hosein said he was pleased with

the voting exercise and the COVID-19 measures.

“I want to compliment the EBC this morning because everything is in place, social distancing, sanitising and it has been flowing. The lines have been very, very long in some areas but it has been flowing.”

Told that the Progressive Empowerment Party’s candidate Benison Jagesar complained about UNC paraphernalia opposite the polling station at San Fernando West Secondary, Hosein said he was not aware of that.

However, while political posters should not be posted near polling stations, Hosein did not think it would have influenced voters choice. “I don’t think so people made up their minds already.”

With elections, he said, all these thing are expected.

“Look yesterday they said no motorcades but if one truck come out cars just fall in. It is part of elections, the hype…”