Police say they are yet to establish the motive for the killing of Hayden Smith who was gunned down in front of his home on Saturday night.

This murder occurred 11 hours after Desmond Edwards, 52, was also shot multiple times outside his SZilk Cotton Trace, Battoo Avenue, Marabella home. Investigators said they are yet to establish whether the two murders were related.

In the latest killing, police said they received an anonymous call that a body was found slouched inside the driver’s seat of a white Suzuki SUV at Bayshore, popularly known as Jumbie Bay.

When they arrived at 9:15 pm, they saw Smith seated in the driver’s side and slumped over the steering wheel. He had been shot multiple times.

A witness told police that Smith had just parked his van and was about to come out the vehicle when a man ran up to him, wrenched open the right side door and started firing at point-blank range, killing Smith on the spot.

The number of people murdered for the year now stands at 147. Anyone with information on Smith and Edwards deaths can contact Crimestoppers at 800-TIPS or call 462-GARY.