Leader of the PDP Watson Duke and followers are at Market Square, Scarborough, awaiting permission from the police to leave for a scheduled motorcade around Tobago. (Image: VINDRA GOPAUL)

There will be no music trucks in the Progressive Democratic Patriots today (Sunday, August 9).

Patrons began gathering as early as 8 am for the 10 am scheduled motorcade from the Market Square car park, Scarbrough. However, it left close to 2 pm under the watchful eyes of the police, without the accompanying music trucks.

Leader of the PDP Watson Duke declined an interview with Guardian Media, but loudly voiced the party’s next move.

“Dey ent want no music truck so is horn fuh dem,” he said.

This signalled the party’s decision to begin the motorcade and continue along the planned route by using the horns of patrons’ vehicles, similar to what is done for wedding processions.

Guardian Media reached out to police for comment on the issue.

According to ACP Tobago Vernon Roberts, no one submitted the required documentation to hold the motorcade.

“I have not seen the papers, and without the necessary documentation, we cannot give anyone permission. Without the papers and permission, they are violating the Motor Vehicles Act,” Roberts told Guardian Media.