Political Analyst Derek Ramsamooj.

An attorney for political pollster Derek Ramsamooj, who has been in police custody in Suriname since early October, said she has not yet seen an official indictment against him. Maureen Nibte was responding to reports that Ramsamooj had been charged after spending several weeks in detention.

The 59-year-old pollster is being held by Suriname’s Public Prosecution Services (PPS) on suspicion of money laundering, embezzlement, participation in a criminal organization and falsification of documents. The investigation is connected to that country’s Post Savings Bank.

At the time of his arrest Ramsamooj was serving as a consultant to Suriname’s National Democratic Party led by that country’s former president Dési Bouterse. In elections held in July the NDP lost to the Opposition VHP and Bouterse was replaced as president by Chandrikapersad Santokhi, a former police inspector.