Dr Amery Browne, Minister of Foreign and CARICOM Affairs.

There are 50 T&T nationals in COVID-torn India registered with the T&T High Commission in Delhi, but the mission hasn’t received any requests for aid or intervention on behalf of nationals residing there.

Foreign Affairs Minister Dr Amery Browne confirmed this on Wednesday.

India is currently battling a vicious wave of COVID- 19 which has so far caused 21.1 million cases and 230,000 deaths.

Browne said, “Our High Commission was not involved in the repatriation of any nationals from India to T&T during the last three months.

“Our staff in Delhi are safe thus far, and working via remote means from home at this time as are all foreign diplomats in accordance with an order from the Government of India.”

The minister added, “High Commissioner Dr Roger Gopaul maintains active, ongoing and mutually respectful communication with India’s Ministry of External Affairs, and he and his team continue to work on behalf of the Government.”

Meanwhile, Opposition MP Dave Tancoo said he was supporting Satish Mahabir’s initiative to secure 100 oxygen tanks and other accessories for India, as well as Sewa TT’s drive to raise other specific products.

“Given our circumstances and resources, we can’t give vaccines or so, but there must be an effort to show our support, if only in the form of prayer.”

Opposition MP Dr Roodal Moonilal added, “Regrettably, India and T&T’s COVID situation is proportionally the same. Every three deaths in T&T is equal to 3,000 in India. So regrettably there’s little concerted effort we can render now. I’m confident in the coming weeks, India will rally.”