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A nurse who was the receiving end of a verbally abusive tirade by a prominent doctor from South Trinidad says she remains traumatized from the experience.

In an interview with Guardian Media yesterday, the nurse asked to remain anonymous as she said she was now fearful for her life and the lives of her family members.

On Wednesday a series of voice recordings were shared on social media, with a man identified as the doctor cursing while making racist and derogatory statements about police officers and potential employees.

He also boasted about not being prosecuted for making threats to kill, as he said he could easily pay off police officers.

In a release on Thursday, the Trinidad and Tobago Medical Board said it would discuss the circumstances surrounding the doctor at a monthly meeting on Wednesday.

Yesterday, the nurse said she was employed at the doctor’s private practice for 13 months while completing a course that required her to get on-the-job experience.

“As heard in the recordings, he has been verbally abusive, insulting, dehumanising, I am honestly mentally and emotionally tired with regards to the situation,” she said.

She said, in addition, the threats heard during the recordings, the doctor has continued to harass her via WhatsApp, sending a series of verbally abusive voice notes.

She said she has not yet made any report to the Equal Opportunities Commission or the Trinidad and Tobago Medical Board.

She said she cannot afford to hire an attorney for herself but she has approached the Legal Aid and Advisory Authority for legal representation.

Meanwhile, the attorney who the doctor claimed on Thursday would be representing his interests in a legal matter, says his services have not yet been retained.

Guardian Media visited the San Fernando-based attorney but he said he could not yet speak on behalf of the doctor.