A police officer working within the confines of Parliament has tested positive for COVID-19.

The news came from Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley during yesterday’s press conference updating the country on Government’s COVID-19 measures at the Diplomatic Centre, St Ann’s.

Reporters had asked Rowley if there was any truth to a report that an officer assigned to Parliament had tested positive for COVID-19, information which has recently been circulating in a Whatsapp group chat.

The PM admitted that a policeman from Parliament’s security “has been confirmed as one of our candidates. Where he would have contracted it, I have no information.”

He made it clear that it was a “staff member not a Parliamentarian” and that citizens should not over-analyse the situation since the officer was a member of the national community.

“The entire national community is exposed. And that is why it is so unacceptable that persons who believe they are healthy and free could be taking inhumane actions against persons who may be high level or low-level guys… or low-risk patients that somehow you could take action against them in preservation of your own state.”

He said everyone was at risk of contracting the virus. The PM added that in the current scenario, Rowley it was either we sink or swim together in this pandemic.

Questioned if there will be a sitting of Parliament soon, Rowley said no.

“We don’t anticipate a sitting of Parliament very soon but I don’t know what may happen that may cause the Parliament to meet in emergency. But as of now, we don’t have that plan.”

He said his Government was also aiming not to have weekly round table Cabinet meetings as they usually do at the Diplomatic Centre.

“We are working on a different arrangement where the Cabinet will function on a different arrangement in the very near future.”