Two police officers were injured this week while on duty.

One of them was shot and wounded while the other was left nursing injuries when his foot got stuck between the pedals of a vehicle at Camp Cumuto.

In the first incident, on Tuesday, a police officer was shot while pursuing a suspect.

The incident took place at about 1.30 am at Caroni Savannah Road, Caroni.

Officers of the Chaguanas Police Station and the Chaguanas Municipal Police had intercepted a vehicle that was occupied by five men. A search was being conducted off the roadway for another suspect.

One of the officers entered the bushy area off the roadway and was shot in the right foot.

He raised an alarm and was taken for medical treatment.

The officer, a corporal, is being treated at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex.

In the latest incident, at about 7:45 pm on Wednesday PC Gomez assigned to the TTPS Canine Branch, Caroni parked an unmarked police vehicle on the compound of the K-9 Section located at Cumuto Barracks by engaging the manual gear-shift on neutral and the hand brakes in an upright position.

Police reports said while he moved his feet off the pedals to exit the vehicle it began to reverse causing Gomez to fall backwards, and out of the vehicle, with his left foot stuck between the pedals causing him to drag about 30 feet away.

The vehicle then struck a marked police vehicle, which was parked against a wall, and came to a stop.

Gomez received injuries to the upper left arm, lower back, left ankle and right elbow.

The officer was treated at the Sangre Grande District Hospital and is now at home resting.