Vehicles move in and out of Price Plaza in Chauganas yesterday.

A female On-the-Job trainee at the Couva South Constituency Office was one of two women who were robbed at gunpoint while travelling in a private hire “PH” car on Saturday, Opposition Member of Parliament Rudy Indarsingh said yesterday.

Indarsingh said he was told of the “deeply disturbing news” when he got a call from the traumatised employee as she was making a report to the Chaguanas Police Station.

Indarsingh said the young lady was travelling in a ‘PH’ car to Price Plaza when she was robbed by a gunman posing as a passenger in the said car.

She, along with another young lady, was ordered to hand over their valuables to the gunman as the car approached Endeavour in Chaguanas.

“We have seen in recent times where especially our females in our society have been brutally attacked in vehicles being utilised for transportation and this has been a bad way to start 2021,” he said.

Indarsingh said he was grateful that only material possessions were lost.

“Countless women have fallen victim to attacks from ‘PH’ drivers, losing their lives as this Government fails continuously to address the crime situation in the country,” he stated.

“Evidently, the deaths of young women and the attacks against passengers of ‘PH’ cars still have not driven this Government to deal with crime frontally,” Indarsingh said.

Indarsingh said the regularisation of PH cars has to be properly thought out and incorporate all stakeholders in the society.

He said with the massive job losses taking place across the country “persons may turn and want to engage in PH trying to create a soft landing for themselves or their respective families in terms of earning a revenue.”