The roundabout at SS Erin Road in Debe where Excite Investment Ltd’s CEPEP crew beautified the area recently.

But now, thanks to the efforts of villagers, the abandoned Debe Roundabout has been transformed into a place of beauty.

Villagers have built wooden benches and placed ornamental plants in the space, which is now ideal for picnics and rollerskating.

Supervisor Vernon Mamchan, who headed the initiative, said it was part of Cepep’s Adopt a Space programme.

He said when they first came to the area, they picked up 130 bags of garbage inclusive of household and industrial waste.

With the assistance of Cepep contractor Excite Investments Limited, they were able to dump the waste at a disposal site.

“This was a condemned site where people used to dump their garbage. Then adopted this space and workers got together to beautify this area. After we cleared the garbage we decided instead of citizens dumping here, we will beautify this area instead.”

He said they had requested that “No Littering” signs be placed at the site.

“That is in the process but we have made our own signs here,” Mamchan added.

Cindy Mamchan said garbage being dumped has been contributing to flooding in the surrounding area.

“This is a massive flood area. We knew by getting rid of all the garbage we will also be preventing floods,” Cindy said.

Forelady Shivashti Joy Singh, who contributed a lot of her home garden plants and cactuses for the project, said she was pleased with the result.

“Everyone chipped in and brought in plants. We looked at plants that are resistant to water, cactus, buttercups, hibiscus and it will grow, some fencing, any kind of hard stemmed plants,” she added.

Because of COVID-19, Singh said lots of people could no longer go out to lime.

“In this little community since we did this project, people can come out and enjoy the evening with their kids, ride their bikes and do rollerskating,” she added.

She said those who want to donate plants can come to the area and plant a tree.

“We have a lot of Hindus in the community and they would love to come and get some flowers for their offerings so we are encouraging people to come here and plant a tree,” she added.