Gun, drugs and ammunition seized during anti-crime exercise in Maloney

One man was arrested for possession of a pistol, a quantity of ammunition, and marijuana by officers of the Maloney Crime Patrol during an anti-crime exercise in Maloney yesterday.
According to police reports, during the exercise, officers received information and proceeded to Building 4, Maloney Gardens. On arrival, they saw a man known to them, who immediately fled the scene. The officers gave chase and held him a short distance away. The officers searched a Tommy Hilfiger bag, which contained 25 grams of marijuana, one silver and black Smith and Wesson 9mm pistol fitted with a magazine which had 11 rounds of 9mm ammunition.
The suspect was arrested and taken to the Maloney Police Station. The exercise was coordinated by Ag Snr. Supt Sheldon David and supervised by Sgt Guelmo, and included PCs Williams, Phillips, Lawrence and Bartholomew. Investigations are continuing.