The government and the press behave and have behaved as though that when God sends rain which leads to flooding that it only affects PNM supporters.

Big, big flooding in Las Lomas, Chin Chin, Kelly, Madras, St Helena, Warrenville, Cunupia, Caroni, Penal, Debe, Barrackpore etc and the government and the press have consistently ignored the plight of the residents of these areas.

I witnessed firsthand (this is not hearsay) where Coast Guard, Army, Police, Fire and regional corporation vehicles were going to selective (family, friends and activists) homes to render assistance. It was never a fair and non-discriminatory approach.

But where was the ODPM in all of this? It seems that this organisation ONLY gets involved after the fact. The most disturbing issue, however, is that the government, the media and the business community behave as though Greenvale and Oropune are the only areas in T&T where taxpaying (is that true?) citizens live and which are affected by flooding.

Were it not for church, temple, mosque, community groups and businessmen in the rest of Trinidad, the taxpaying citizens of the other areas would have been worst off because the state had failed them and continues to do so.