Dave Tancoo Oropouche West MP

While the ruling PNM has defended its performance in the first year of its second term, some Opposition frontliners who’ve also defended UNC’s performance have, however, acknowledged more work needs to be done by the party.

Feedback came following the recent Nigel Henry poll on the first year of the second term where each held Government and Opposition places again after the August 10, 2020 general election.

Poll results showed increased confidence in the Government– at 39 per cent, higher than in PNM’s last years of the first term but “still low” for an administration which won election a year ago . Also there was 36 percent dissatisfied with pandemic handling.

Results showed increased confidence in the education system, health sector, police and public services. Prime Minister Keith Rowley’s approval rating was described as “sluggish” at 34 per cent but with a 67 percent rating regarding those concerned about the pandemic

It also showed the Opposition continuing “a very gradual decline ticking down another point “in public confidence “as it has done” annually since losing in 2015.

On Monday, Rowley reportedly defended PNM’s performance saying the percentage who felt things were not as good as they used to be “had no idea what they were talking about” and at this point in time it’s expected things aren’t as good as they used to be. He was heartened 61 per cent felt PNM was doing as good a job as could have been.

At Monday’s UNC Forum party leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar ,while not directly referring to the polls concluded her address on national issues by advising people not to lose hope.

Yesterday, UNC chairman Dave Tancoo said UNC continues working to hold Government to account, using ”whatever means necessary“ to get its message out.

On whether he agreed the party has to do more work, Tancoo added, “Absolutely and the development of our party policies and our messages continue to be a work in progress. The party recently launched its online newspaper to improve our outreach and take our message to the population on wider basis.”

UNC frontline MP Roodal Moonilal said while he has great respect for polls which were a snapshot of the electorate at a point in time, polls are notorious for misleading also, “Case in point being in St Lucia recently.”

He noted where pollsters had panned chances of former prime minister Stephenson King who left the UWP party, contested and won a seat independently and has been appointed a senior minister in new PM Phillip Pierre’s Labour party Government ,“So Mr King is now king of kings,” Moonilal added.

On succession planning he said at the end of the day it would be the membership who determines that and it wasn’t be determined outside of the party.