Opposition Leader Kamla Persad Bissessar says the current lockdown measures are not working, and a new approach is needed. In a press release issued today, Persad Bissessar stated that there is no scientific data that supports what she calls a draconian lockdown. The following is a press release from the Opposition Leader:

The Keith Rowley-led Government’s continued harsh restrictions in the name of controlling COVID-19 are not working, and the time has come for new approaches to the fight against the virus.

There is no scientific data that supports this draconian lockdown. Instead, Rowley continues to use rhetoric rather than reality to blunder his way through this COVID-19 crisis.

Week after week, Rowley has kept the population constrained and holding on to any glimmer of hope of positive change, only to keep restrictions in place as households suffer, and businesses are forced to close their doors for good.

The Prime Minister’s claim that he is trying to balance lives and livelihoods has been shown to be nothing more than hollow words, as he has refused to account to the population for the mounting death toll from COVID-19, and the billions of dollars supposedly spent on funding for matters related to the pandemic.

What is alarming is that the Government’s plan to “Vaccinate to Operate” is now morphing into “Vaccinate or else stay locked down”. This is yet another indication of Rowley’s dictatorial tendencies, which must be rejected.

Throughout the pandemic, the United National Congress has advocated for plans and policies aimed at taking us out of the crisis. The Government has demonstrated repeatedly that it has no plan to deal with the pandemic, far less for salvaging the economy and returning to growth and prosperity.

We are heading into dangerous territory with the continued failing Keith Rowley administration at the helm. It is unacceptable that Rowley’s recklessness has not only failed to reduce the daily positive COVID-19 cases but has now led to massive job losses and more families being pushed into poverty.

Again, I call on the Government to end this draconian lockdown so that people can get back to earning incomes and generating revenue.