Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar said yesterday the Opposition will refer Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley to Parliament’s Privileges Committee for allegedly misleading Parliament on Monday about the reason for the current COVID-19 spike.

At a news conference yesterday, she said the Opposition will file a motion of contempt against Rowley when Parliament resumes next month.

The House Speaker will decide if it will be sent to the Privileges Committee.

Persad-Bissessar said it was false that the United National Congress (UNC) paid for, organised and transported people to the vigils.

She said the prime minister was privy to the statistics and data on COVID spikes and if vigils had caused the spike, she questioned why he encouraged people to have mass movement to Tobago subsequently and extra flights and sailings were put on to accommodate travellers.

While she said the Government has the majority numbers in Parliament and the motion may be defeated, the Opposition would be able to air the matter.

UNC Senator Jayanti Lutchmedial yesterday threatened the Express with legal action if they did not apologise and retract a story on the vigils which was accompanied by a picture of her Facebook page which she said was photoshopped.

Lutchmedial said she hadn’t participated in organisation of any vigils, whether in her personal capacity or as a UNC Senator/ member.

“The fact that (Express) article could be written on the basis of a false and clearly photoshopped post on a political gossip page on Facebook is astonishing, disappointing, and I dare say, extremely frightening. It shows a clear lack of professional ethics and a high level of recklessness in the discharge of your duties as journalists. Is it that in your reporter’s haste to jump to the defence of the Prime Minister who is being criticised, and rightly so, for his repulsive comments, that she neglected to do any actual research, inquiries or actual journalistic work?”

Meanwhile, Persad-Bissessar she took a PCR test for COVID very recently and it came back negative. She said she hasn’t taken a vaccine yet since she felt that because she was a person in public life she shouldn’t be the first to take it.

She said her husband who has comorbidities took the vaccine and was fine.