For people working in essential services during this lockdown, going to work every day increases the risk of exposure to COVID-19.For women, this risk can be particularly worrisome, especially if they are returning home after work, to care for families that include elderly people or a loved one with a high-risk illness.

Tonight, our pandemic portrait features Ann-Marie Gooptar from San Raphael, who found herself facing that exact situation. With the COVID-19 figures spiking alarmingly, she was forced to take an urgent look at what options were available to protect herself and her family.

As a working woman, her evaluation of the pros and cons of taking the vaccine she had to take into consideration, not only her loved ones but also her co-workers.In this episode, Ann-Marie shares a story that might resonate with the many people who are unable to stay at home at this time, because they work on the frontline of the pandemic.

Presented in collaboration with CNC3’s parent company ANSAMcAL “Pandemic Portraits” is a tribute to the citizens who are courageously coming forward, to share their personal experiences during the pandemic with the national community