Parents take their children for SEA exams at San Fernando TML Primary School. (Image: KRISTIAN DE SILVA)
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It was with feelings of trepidation that some parents dropped off their children to school this morning, to write the Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA) examinations.

And some students, apart from dealing with the rigors of exams, also had the added burden of COVID-19 on their minds.

But school principals went out of their way to make parents and students comfortable, preparing online videos and holding zoom meetings to educate about the protocols. Markers were placed in the schools leading to sanitation stations and the assembly area where chairs were placed with ample social distancing.

At the San Fernando TML Primary school, a six-minute video was shared with SEA parents, days before the exams, showing the protocols in detail.

Criminologist Dr Randy Seepersad, whose daughter sat the examinations, said he was pleased with the protocols implemented by the school principal Wahida Mohammed-Narine.

Eugene Joseph Jr and Eugene Joseph III head to the St Pauls Anglican School in San Fernando. (Image: KRISTIAN DE SILVA)

Another parent, Habiba Mohammed, said she felt comfortable with the protocols.

“It is excellent what they’ve put in place for the children. I feel safe, and my son is excited to see his friends,” she said.

At St Paul’s Anglican, parents were briefed beforehand. But parent Michelle Mathews said she was scared about sending her son to write the exams.

“I’m still scared. It was hard for me, but I packed him up with sanitisers hoping that he would follow the little instructions I gave to him,” she said.

Eugene Joseph Jr said he was very pleased with the school protocols. He said after SEA, his son looked forward to watching a list of movies and playing video games.