Screenshot taken from the FFOS video showing the oil spill currently in the Gulf of Paria. (Image courtesy FFOS)

Paria Fuel Trading Company Limited reports that it is continuing today, with the monitoring and cleaning-up of the oil spill discovered over the weekend.

An official statement from the company follows…

Paria’s Incident Command Team continues to monitor the situation at sea and on land and is addressing all aspects of this incident.

At approximately 5.00 a.m. today (Monday, August 09, 2021), a further sea survey was conducted North and South of the Pointe-a-Pierre port and weathered streaks of oil were discovered on the sea and will be mechanically dispersed.

Shoreline surveys are ongoing. Clean-up on land is progressing and all the containment booms have effectively confined the spill with no further migration of oil.

Further assurance checks are being performed to ensure there are no additional breaches of the infrastructure.