Police believe the three charred bodies found at a house at Upper Dibe Road early this morning, are those of Spanish nationals between the ages of 19 to 34 years.

Investigators say so far they obtained only the first name and aliases of the three deceased persons.

One, they say is Santiago age 19 years. Another is a 32-year-old with the alias Flow, while the third is a 34-year-old with the alias Coco.

Homicide detectives are now on the scene of a possible triple homicide at Dibe, Long Circular, St James.

Investigators say that just after two o’clock this morning, loud explosions were heard by residents in Upper Dibe.

A short time after, a house in the area was seen on fire.

Fire officers from Wrightson Road headquarters, Four Roads, and Morvant responded along with the police.

The blaze was later extinguished.

Inside the home, investigators say firefighters discovered the charred remains of three persons.

More on this story as it unfolds.