Parts of Penal served by the Penal Water Treatment Plant and currently without a water supply should have service restored by day’s end, today, Thursday 30th December 2021, with the completion of emergency repairs.

An advisory from the Water and Sewerage Authority explains a defective 12-inch diameter valve on the transmission pipeline, located in the vicinity of the Penal Market, is the reason for the disruption in pipe-borne water supplies.  Hence the emergency repairs being carried out.

WASA says a limited truck borne water supply will be available upon request.

The Authority also is reminding customers that it may take between twenty-four (24) to seventy-two (72) hours for the service to normalize to some affected areas following the completion of the repair work.

Affected areas include:

●   Laltoo Trace to Penal along SS Erin Road and side streets

●   Katwaroo Trace, Patiram Trace and Ragoonanan Trace and environs

●   Penal Junction

●   La Costena Gardens and Dil Mohammed Trace

●   1 Mile Mark and Aquart Village, Penal Rock Road and environs

For further information or assistance, customers can contact WASA’s Call Centre toll free at 800-4420 and 800-4426.