A dancer from the El Dorado Secondary Alumni dance during the funeral service of school teacher at the family’s home Mowlah Road, Preysal Village, Couva yesterday.

As domestic abuse continues across T&T, the pastor officiating at the funeral of one such victim is urging people to help those who are in dire need of it.

Pastor Charles Suklal, presiding over the funeral of murdered teacher Suzette Sylvester, in Preysal yesterday, lamented on the effects of domestic abuse/violence.

“Lend support to the people especially close to us, our neighbours because domestic violence is reaping havoc in the community and you cannot afford to leave God out of your family.”

“There is too much chaos, confusion and conflict without God and with God all things are possible. Sometimes we feel we are too busy to think about God because of our status but David, in the Bible, spoke about God even when he was a nobody. God is on our side and He will never forsake us,” Suklal added.

He urged the mourners, and family members to call on Jesus, as he further explained that there is “no shortcoming with Him.”

“At the time of trouble call on Him and He will answer. Right now this family experienced a double whammy just six days into the new year and they need strength and courage that only comes with God to go through.”

“Let us not stand by and see the abuse going on…render help, let us encourage each other even when ‘it is not their business’ help people around you because tragedies are what follows,” Suklal added.

A representative from Preysal Secondary School spoke about how Sylvester’s murder affected them.

“The news rocked us all. All know how good and how wonderful she was. For the short time she spent at the school she touched everyone’s hearts and lives. She made a big difference, she was full of energy, laughter, full of fun, support and love. She was indeed a fulfilling person.”

The representative at El Dorado West Secondary School, said Sylvester taught at the school for 15 years and described her as a “phenomenal educator.” “We honour her person, character and achievements in life. Suzette was a remarkable woman, a phenomenal educator and tremendous mother figure to all her past and present students. She brought the sunshine as she was always the first one to be in school to welcome all with her bubbling personality. She was always surrounded by her students as she touched their lives and fulfilled the curriculum requirement.”

Meanwhile, Sylvester’s husband, Kurt Sylvester appeared virtually before a Couva magistrate charged with her murder yesterday.

Sylvester’s lifeless body was discovered by her son bludgeoned to death with a hammer on Monday morning.