Robert Soogrim

Miracle Ministries International pastor Winston Cuffie yesterday said the killer/s of pharmacist Robert Soogrim could not take away his legacy or life.

Delivering the sermon at Soogrim’s funeral service at the Old Southern Main Road, Chase Village church, a stone’s throw away from where Soogrim lived and operated his Fit for Life Pharmacy, Cuffie said the businessman often talked about his great vision for his life and his business.“Robert did things with excellence…he served in every area of the church and he loved and always supported his children,” Cuffie said.He also commended Soogrim’s children’s mother, Hema Ramdeo, for her support to Soogrim and described her as a “woman of wisdom.”In a special obituary, Soogrim’s brother, John, said over the years he had made a name for himself, “with his outstanding customer service and accommodating personality. People came from all over the island to shop there.”“His effervescent character, coupled with his radio and TV appearances made him somewhat of a celebrity and he was recognised anywhere he went. He was the “Sure Cure” man,” John added.He described his brother as one who had a very “inquisitive spirit” who loved to do different things. He sad his brother was very caring of everyone, especially his two children – Lilian and Shadell.

“He did everything with and for them. They constantly heralded that their dad was the best ever, a claim that many kids make. In his case, a well-deserved title,” John said. Interment was at the St Thomas Village Cemetery in Chaguanas.

Soogrim was discovered dead on the third floor of his home last Friday by a close male relative. An autopsy disclosed that he was strangled to death. Police investigators confirmed that Soogrim’s death was being investigated as a homicide as they suspect foul play in his death. Police said Soogrim’s DVR for his security surveillance was missing along with a large sum of cash. Police believe that Soogrim may have known his killer as there was no forced entry to his home.(RDR)