Prophet De Van Narine, Bishop and Founder of Pentecostal and Apostolic Ministries International (PAMI) in Chaguanas. (Image courtesy PAMI)

Bishop and Founder of Pentecostal and Apostolic Ministries International (PAMI) in Chaguanas, Prophet De Van Narine, is urging Christians to vaccinate themselves against COVID-19 as soon as they possibly can and has indicated that he will be doing so at the earliest opportunity.

“I will be vaccinated when the Sinopharm vaccines arrive,” Bishop Narine said in a release issued today.

“We do not believe that the COVID-19 Vaccine represents the mark of the beast or the antichrist… Our research confirms the historical application and approval of this ‘miracle of medicine’, as presented by Dr. Roshan Parasram our Chief Medical Officer,” he noted.

Quoting from the Book of Revelation, Chapter 13 Verses 16-17, Bishop Narine observes:

“The COVID-19 Pandemic, apart from fulling biblical prophecy of end-time plagues, we feel it is also a precursor to the mark of the beast… The Pavlovian Conditioning of the world’s population to accept the “new normal” to be scanned on their foreheads and right hand. Additionally, ‘no mask, no service’ could easily be ‘no mark, no service’.”

He added: “We ask all believers in the Lord Jesus Christ to take note of the events unfolding in the world today. We expect the Second Coming of Jesus any day and any time, but more so now.”

Bishop Narine also makes an impassioned appeal to Leader of the Opposition Kamla Persad Bissessar SC MP, urging her to join forces with the Government to help stamp out COVID-19 from this country, rather than uttering statements which he says could undermine Government’s efforts.

“It is our thinking that an Opposition which cooperates with the Government at this time would be viewed with more credibility and character,” the Bishop stated.  “We are alarmed when we observe what might be considered careless and reckless statements, erroneous information and accusations against professional public officers. I personally know Dr. Avery Hinds, whom I had the pleasure of working alongside at the Ministry of Health. Dr Hinds is an outstanding academic and an astute medical professional.”

“It is with great trepidation that I agree with Dr. Suruj Rambacharran and I further remind the members of the Opposition, you are slaughtering your own people by this conduct. I urge all supporters and sympathizers of the Opposition to heed the advice of Dr. Rai Ragbir and Dr. Lackram Bodoo,” Bishop Narine added.

The Bishop also commended the Prime Minister and Government on the decision to provide an economic relief package to cover the current lockdown period, reversing earlier statements by Dr Rowley that there might not have been such available.