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A patient at the San Fernando General Hospital created a stir among staff and visitors yesterday when he left his bed and climbed onto the roof.Hospital staff said the male patient was not a psychiatric case nor did they have information that the police wanted him.

One video shared on social media showed a man wearing a hospital gown walking on the connector chute between the Accident & Emergency Department and the main hospital around mid-afternoon. Another video showed the man walking on the roof of a hospital building, slipping as he went around a corner. A release from the South-West Regional Health Authority (SWRHA) stated that the patient was safely in its care. “At the time of the incident, our security management protocols were appropriately activated to ensure the patient’s safety. However, the incident details are being reviewed to mitigate any reoccurrence,” the release added.

Accordign to the authorities, the patient is now safe in the care of healthcare professionals while his medical profile is being re-evaluated.