David West

As part of the events marking its tenth anniversary on December 29, the Police Complaints Authority (PCA) will launch a series of new initiatives aimed at building public trust with the institution.

In a release on Saturday, the authority’s director David West said “As we commence our second decade, Deputy Director Michelle Solomon-Baksh and I look ahead with optimism and confidence, further strengthened by new amendments to our governing legislation.

“The PCA investigators will benefit from broader evidence gathering capabilities and will also be included as interested parties in Coroner’s Inquests.

“To mark this important milestone, we are launching a series of initiatives aimed at increasing public trust in our operations. This includes improving the public’s ease of access to our complaints systems and digital upgrading of our case management systems.”

The authority said on-line improvements will significantly improve the timeliness and quality of its work. It will also be launching its new visual brand identity aimed at redefining its independence from other arms of the justice sector.

The authority said a new website alongside an information campaign aimed at promoting PCA services to the public will be launched in the coming weeks.

The PCA has a role to play in the pursuit of justice. Recognising this, the authority renewed its commitment to speeding up the delivery of its services which impact victims, their families, and police officers alike.