After power-sharing talks between itself and the Tobago Council of the People’s National Movement (PNM) flopped on March 17, the Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP) is suggesting that independent mediators moderate future meetings.

Wednesday’s meeting lasted just over an hour.

The PDP claimed the PNM’s leader Tracy Davidson- elestine was “less than honourable” in her deliberations, bringing the PNM’s six assemblymen to the meeting after agreeing to three, demanding the PDP’s leader apologize for his statements during the THA elections and asking for resumes for PDP’s nominees for office.

Davidson- Celestine said she only asked for the PDP’s nominees’ names, whether the PDP’s leader Watson Duke would “clear the air about how he would treat people(PNM) with the red flag” and did not agree to only three representatives from each side, attending the meeting.

But in a press release yesterday, the PDP said it is “disappointed” with the meeting’s outcome and suggested another meeting on March 22, at the same venue at 4 pm.

“Notwithstanding the turn of events, we now call on all twelve Assemblymen to return to the negotiation table; this time with the inclusion of independent mediators,” the release said.

It also said parties should work out the temporary government arrangement, allowing the Tobago Autonomy Bill time to pass in Parliament, triggering fresh elections in Tobago.

Meanwhile, political analyst Shane Mohammed, who appeared on CNC3’s the Morning Brew on Thursday, said the Tobago Council of PNM wants to have too much control of the THA.

Speaking with host Jessie-May Ventour, Mohammed said he drew that conclusion based on the Island Council leader Tracy Davidson-Celestine’s sharing of the administrative and legislative positions.

“I have divided this thing into the legislature, and in the legislature, you have six/six, you have one presiding officer, and you have three councillors. The PNM has asked that they will get two councillors, and they will also get control of who is the presiding officer. If we go down into a numbers game, they(PNM) are more or less seeking a majority.”

He said going forward, both parties should consider having an independent person as the presiding officer to balance the power-sharing arrangement.

He said former assemblymen like Deborah Moore-Miggins, Stanley Beard, Eudine Job-Davis, or Dr Denise Tsoiafatt-Angus, are suitable candidates for the presiding officer position.