PDP promotional poster for its candidates contesting the 2020 General Election. (Image courtesy PDP)

The Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP) is calling for political parties to conduct their election campaigns with “honesty, fairness, and integrity”.

In a release, it reminded political parties that under the Representation of the People’s Act, Chapter 2:02, Section 74 (1) and (2), political parties are forbidden from “deliberate publishing of false information related to a candidate”.

The party is accusing the ruling People’s National Movement (PNM) and One Tobago Voice (OTV) of giving false information about the PDP’s candidates in an attempt “to confuse the electorate”.

In the first instance, the PDP condemned the OTV for attaching its Tobago East candidate Tashia Grace Burris’s image to the OTV’s flyer on Sunday, and sharing it across different social media platforms.

The PDP said it appreciated OTV’s support for Burris. However, it noted that putting her image on an OTV flyer is confusing to the electorate.

In its release, the PDP stated:

“…We appreciate that she (Burris) is indeed the best candidate… it must remain clear that Ms. Burris is the Progressive Democratic Patriots’ candidate and is represented by the symbol of the Bamboo Bullifay / Boule de Fe…”

The OTV has openly supported Burris’ candidacy.

Secondly, the PDP is accusing the PNM of photoshopping the image of Watson Duke—its political leader and candidate for Tobago West—onto a United National Congress flyer.

In the release, it said the “act of deceit and mischief… perpetrated by operatives of the People’s National Movement is blatant falsehood”, seeking to cause “confusion and mistrust in the minds of the electorate”.

Last Sunday at a campaign meeting at the Signal Hill Secondary, PNM’s leader and Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley warned Tobagonians that Duke is “a proxy for the UNC”.

“He (Duke) is the official UNC candidate in Tobago,” the PM had said.