Fishermen sit on the dilapidated Parlatuvier fishing jetty

The All Tobago Fishermen Association(ATFA) and Parlatuvier/ L’Anse Fourmi/Speyside representative Farley Augustine are calling on the People’s National Movement (PNM)-led Tobago House of Assembly (THA) to fix the Parlatuvier jetty which has been due for repairs for almost a decade.

Augustine, deputy leader of Progressive Democratic Patriots(PDP) deputy leader, has been making calls to the PNM to honour their 2012 promise to the village’s fishermen. During his most recent visit to the jetty on Monday, he made another public appeal and referred to the latest statement by the PNM on the issue.

He referenced Infrastructure Secretary Kwesi Des Vignes’s October 2018 statement a post-Executive Council briefing when told reporters the jetty would finally be fixed in 2019.

“We see the Parlatuvier and Parlatuvier jetty as a key port for the sustainable exploitation of the blue economy, here in Tobago, the fishing sector in particular. We want to ensure there is a safe jetty for the fisherfolk… We are going to be moving ahead with works,” Des Vignes had said.

Augustine said he is fed up with the PNM’s promises and hoped this time around they would honour them.

ATFA said it too is fed-up with the situation. The association’s president Curtis Douglas said Parlatuvier fishermen had lodged more than “50 complaints.”

“They are very disgruntled. They are angry. They are calling on ATFA for help. We are fed-up with the situation,”

Des Vignes and Chief Secretary and Secretary of Food Production, Forestry and Fisheries Ancil Dennis were contacted for comment on the situation but have so far not responded.

Dennis has assumed responsibility for the Fisheries Division. Former Secretary Hayden Spencer and other THA secretaries who did not face the polls on January 25 were let go following the election deadlock.

Dennis began touring fishing facilities across Tobago earlier this month.