Despite police warning, the Progressive Democratic Patriots(PDP staged a prayer walk around the Tobago House of Assembly’s (THA) Legislature Building, Jerningham Street, Scarborough, on Friday, February 26.

The walk took place, at noon, at the end of the first phase of their prayer and fast opposite the Assembly Chamber.

As they attempted to walk out of the park, police blocked them, saying they had no permission to walk.

The PDP’s leader- Watson Duke, and one of its deputy leaders Farley Augustine, were overheard telling the police they are within their constitutional rights since there is no law against practising religion.

The leaders and their followers walked around the block singing and praying seven times. On their arrival at James Park, at the end of the round, they shouted:” Free Tobago,” seven times.

Addressing the crowd on the importance of the march, Augustine said it comes exactly 52 years after Makandal Daaga led a similar march in Port-of-Spain.

Reporter: Camille McEachnie