A 26-year-old Penal housewife survived being shot in the head after she was attacked by a gunman in her home.

Dana Ramkhelawan was discharged from the hospital after the bullet was extracted.

Police said around 8:30pm on Sunday, Ramkhelawan and her common-law husband, Anthony Cromwell, were at their Penal home when there was a knock at the front door.  When Cromwell opened the door, he saw a masked man pointing a gun at him.  

Fearful for his life, Cromwell ran into the bedroom area.  He told police he then heard a loud explosion.

He found his wife in the kitchen, suffering a gunshot wound to the head.

She was taken to the Siparia Health Facility where a doctor extracted a projectile from her head.  She was transferred to the San Fernando General Hospital where she received further treatment and was discharged.

The wound, according to police information, was 3 cm in length and 2cm deep; however, there was no outer table skull fracture.

Penal police are continuing investigations.