PEP D'abadie/O'meara prospective candiate Hadassah Charles McLeod.

The Progressive Empowerment Party (PEP) has written to Minister of National Security Stuart Young seeking an exemption for one of its prospective candidates stuck in the United States.

In a letter dated July 12, the PEP said that its D’abadie/Omeara candidate, Hadassah Charles Mc Leod had sent a request to the Ministry of July 5 to return from the US where she was stuck when borders were closed in March.

The party said that Mc Leod only received a generic response saying that her request would be reviewed, adding that she would have had to be in the country in time to submit nomination papers to the Returning Officer on Friday.

“It is imperative that she returns to Trinidad and Tobago as soon as possible. We would also like to make mention of Ms Penelope Beckles, candidate under the People’s National Movement (PNM) and Barry Padarath, candidate under the United National Congress (UNC) were both able to enter the country recently, regardless of our closed borders, so that they may take part in the General Elections 2020. Therefore we insist that our candidate be treated in the same manner and be allowed to return.”

The party said that up until Thursday it had not received a favourable response.

McLeod is still in the US.