KC ( Kyle Cowie) performs his calypso, In 2020-How Could That Be, during NACC Young Kings calypso competition, Grand Stand Queen’s Park Savannah, on Tuesday.

Persistence paid off for Banjela on Tuesday night, as he secured the Young King title for 2020.

The 40-year-old singer, real name Addelon Braveboy, had seen a somewhat rough run of results heading into the competition broken after his performance of “T’is We Season”. The song focuses on the various cultural elements of Carnival, tracing its history back to the Canboulauy riots.

“I am overwhelmed, I am emotional. When I heard the news I actually cried. Honestly,” Banjela told Guardian Media during a phone interview yesterday.

“I’ve been really entering the Young King competition since in 2017 for the very first time with my own composition and I came fourth at that time and I went again and I came second and then again and I came third and then I say I’m gonna go back again,” said the artiste. He said the song was in the works for three years, during that time he reached out to Singing Sandra, with whom he performed a modified version of the song for the Soca Monarch semifinals.

They failed to impress the Soca Monarch semifinal judges sufficiently in a performance that was heavily marred by microphone faults.

It seemed his luck had only marginally improved as he was named, as a reserve, for Saturday’s Calypso Fiesta.

“Being a reserve is just probably a message to me, Banjela well you know what didn’t get in the 40 but you still have a place here. Probably you just have to watch and observe somethings and learn a few things you know and be humble,” he said, “ maybe you don’t know God might smile on you on that day.”

To win the crown on Tuesday, Braveboy beat three persons who had been named as Calypso Monarch semifinalists; Aaron Duncan, Rondell Donawa and Caston Cupid.

“To me, is really hard work pays off and perseverance and having someone always encouraging me to not give up and never give up,” said Banjela, “ I feel really really happy to know that hard work really pays off and persistence really pays off.”

Kyle Cowie placed second with “In 2020 – How Could that be” while Kani K placed third with ‘Choices’. Donawa placed fourth with “We So Cold.”

Full results:

1st place Banjela (Addelon Braveboy) ‘Tis We Season’

2nd place KC (Kyle Cowie) ‘In 2020 How Could That Be’

3rd place Lani K (Jalani Kojo) ‘Choices’

4th place Rondell Donawa ‘We So Cold’

5th place Kenny Phillips ‘Wack Dem Kenny’

6th place Swappi (Marvin Davis) ‘Jumbie Head’

7th place Sekon Alves ‘De New Handbook’

8th place Sheldon Nugget ‘Black and Proud’

9th place Preedy (Akeem Chance) ‘Fete In Peace’

10th place Aaron Duncan ‘Caught Up’