Petrotrin retirees protest (Image courtesy Rishi Ragoonath)

“We want we medical now,” chanted Trinmar retirees during a protest in front of Heritage Petroleum building in Point Fortin this morning.

Complaining that they are suffering, the retirees are calling on the government and Heritage Petroleum to ensure that they are given a proper medical plan.

Frankie Mc Guire complained that when the government shut down Petrotrin they lost their medical plan.

“The same November month (that Petrotrin closed) we were using our medical,” he lamented.

Mc Guire explained they wrote to the Prime Minister who referred them to Energy Minister Franklyn Khan. However, Khan passed away and they wrote to Prime Minster again and he put them on to Heritage.

Petrotrin retirees protest (Image courtesy Rishi Ragoonath)

Following this, Heritage arranged for a medical plan for them under Tatil where the retirees would pay 20 percent of their medical costs while the Tatil paid 80  percent.

Mc Guire said the medical plan was then moved under another insurance firm but the premium was increased and some retirees were unable to afford it.

The problem they face now he said, is that the insurance company has reversed the agreement. They are now being asked to pay 80 percent of their medical costs.

The retirees also vented their frustration with OWTU president general Ancel Roget whom they claim is not representing them.

Mc Guire said if they get no response, they will be bringing out all retirees, even if they are on stretchers or wheelchairs, to protest in front of the building.

“We are the pioneers of Trinidad and Tobago. We work hard in the most unsafe conditions and today we don’t have we medical, ” Mc Guire complained.