Police officers have launched a manhunt for a Private Hire driver who allegedly kidnapped a Venezuelan woman on Saturday.
According to a police report, the 21-year-old victim was standing along the Talparo Main Road at about 11:30 am on Saturday when the ‘PH’ vehicle stopped.
The driver told her that he was a taxi driver and would take her to wherever she was going.
The woman entered and told him where she was going. He then drove off.
However, police said, while en route, the driver allegedly began asking the woman for sex, saying he would give her money.
The woman declined, causing the driver to become angry. He then locked all doors and drove to Arena Road, near a forested area.
He attempted to rape the woman, however, the woman managed to unlock the back door of the vehicle and jumped out.
She then ran into the forested area and hid.
The victim managed to get help from people in the area who called the police.
A team of officers led by W-Cpl John and PC Persad responded and are conducting enquiries.

Reporter: Rhondor Dowlat-Rostant