Robert Soogrim

A popular businessman and pharmacist was found dead upstairs his Fit for Life Pharmacy in Chase Village, Chaguanas, on Friday.Robert Soogrim’s body was found by a close male relative on the third floor of the home. Police said a note was found near the body but they do not believe it was written by Soogrim.

The security DVR for the floor and a large sum of money was also discovered missing but there was no forced entry, police said.

An autopsy will be done at the Forensic Science Centre, St James, to determine cause and time of death, as it is believed that he may have been dead since Thursday night. Soogrim was a father of two and was described as a very “comical and jolly” man who loved to make people laugh, especially his customers.A close friend said: “He loved his children and ensured that they had everything they ever wanted and would always support them in their future decisions, whether it was along the lines of education or spiritual as he was a man who loved God and always preached God’s word to people and ensured that people were going to church as they supposed too.”Soogrim was also a senior minister at a Pentecostal church in the area.