A helicopter pilot from Diego Martin, charged with trafficking almost 1.3 million in cocaine, has been freed.

Tonya d’Almada, of Crystal Gardens, Van Buren Avenue, Diego Martin, was found not guilty at the end of her trial before Magistrate Rheanna Hosein in the Port-of-Spain Magistrates’ Court on Monday.

d’Almada was charged with trafficking five packages of cocaine that police claimed they found in her son’s bedroom when they executed a search warrant at her home on July 24, 2016.

In their closing submissions in the case, d’Almada’s lawyers Gilbert Peterson, SC, John Heath, and Lee Merry claimed the drugs were not there with her knowledge and consent.

They noted that four days before the alleged seizure, police officers executed another warrant on d’Almada’s home and did not find anything illegal.

d’Almada testified in her defence and claimed that after the first raid she moved in with her parents but returned to the property because her ex-husband had asked her to meet for a specific time to discuss issues affecting their son. He never showed up.

In her ruling, Hosein said she found d’Almada to be a very credible witness and there were too many questionable circumstances in the case.

Hosein said the police officers also admitted they did not properly investigate the informant who gave them the tip to search d’Almada’s home.