Plant import permits now issued electronically

Growing seedling. (Image courtesy Ministry of Agriculture, Lands and Fisheries)

Since Monday this week, the Plant Quarantine Service (PQS) of the Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries, has been issuing Plant Import Permits electronically to applicants.

According to a release issued today by Ministry of Trade and Industry, the electronic processing has enhanced the speed of delivery of Plant Import Permits by streamlining the business processes of PQS.

The Trade Ministry advises the trading community that:

  • Import Permit Applications will be processed via the Ministry of Trade and Industry’s TTBizLink Platform ( ); and
  • Digitally Stamped and Signed Approved Plant Import Permits will be e-mailed to the applicants directly. There will therefore be no collection of Plant Import Permits at PQS, Centeno.

Persons are advised to check the TTBizLink system regularly for updates on the status of their application, which will be processed within three working days.

In a recent statement, the Agriculture Ministry had given assurances that the electronic permit approval process will remain in effect beyond the COVID-19 pandemic. It had been put in place to ensure business continuity in the current environment, which is governed by physical distancing restrictions and Public Health Ordinance Regulations.

Both the Trade and Agriculture Ministries state that the PQS Unit remains available to the trading community and can be contacted via any of the following avenues: