Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley

A report by Government’s Evaluation team on Patriotic Energies and Technologies’ (PET) proposal to buy the Guaracara refinery is being reviewed and will be sent to Cabinet, Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley said yesterday.

The report is still outstanding beyond its scheduled November 30 delivery date for Cabinet.

The team was mandated at the start of November to meet with PET on its proposal after a Cabinet sub-committee stated PET hadn’t met conditions to purchase. The evaluation team was mandated to present its report to Cabinet by November 30.

Responding to UNC MP Rudy Indarsingh’s query in Parliament yesterday, Rowley said PET on October 29 presented a revised proposal for the refinery plus additional information clarifying financing and national fuel security aspects.

“These are being carefully reviewed to determine if they meet the necessary criteria and conditions to allow the transaction to move to the next stage,” he added.

He said no extension was granted to the committee beyond the November 30 delivery date. Rowley said any talk of “extension was mischief by those who want to scuttle this at all costs.”

But he confirmed the report is not yet before Cabinet – and he didn’t say (or was asked) why.

However, Rowley said the report has been received “in the proper quarter” and is being reviewed and “will be advanced to the Cabinet in the proper way and the population will be kept informed.”

On further Opposition query, Rowley said the report on the review of Water And Sewerage Authority (WASA) operations done by a Cabinet sub-committee, will be presented to him tomorrow.

The review, geared to produce a plan to improve T&T’s water supply, focused on WASA’s operations, mounting debt, ageing pipelines, governance structure and poor water distribution. It was also to examine if a water rate hike is needed.

ContourGlobal buying private power generation company

Dr Rowley also said a British power generator company ContourGlobal which is buying contracted operating power plants in T&T and the US, is buying Trinity Power Limited (TPL) in T&T – not a state-owned company.

This, after Reuters on Tuesday, reported that ContourGlobal, a London listed company is buying power plants expanding into T&T and US markets.

The company, founded in 2005, owns manages and generates electricity through wind, solar and hydro-power and has customers worldwide.

Reuters reported that ContourGlobal stated it will buy the contracted operating power plants in the US and T&T for $837 million. The company’s plan involves buying a portfolio of natural gas-fired and combined heat and power assets totalling 1,502 MW from Western Generation partners on a “debt and cash-free basis.”

When Guardian Media checked with the Public Utilities Ministry on Tuesday, the Ministry stated that no state-owned power plant was involved in the purchase – but likely a private plant was.

Yesterday Rowley said T&TEC’s general manager contacted the general manager of Trinity Power Limited and that person confirmed the process has started for the acquisition of TPL by ContourGlobal.

TPL is one of the independent power producers in T&T with 225MW at the Point Lisas Estate

He said the present TPL owner is Western Generation Partners – a US company.

The TPL general manager said T&TEC will be duly notified when the transaction is completed.

Rowley said only the UK is using COVID vaccines so far. He said once T&T gets World Health Organisation approval and clearance for its vaccines to be issued, only then would Government say when the vaccines would be distributed in T&T.