Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley at the COVID-19 media briefing at the Diplomatic Centre, St Ann’s, yesterday.

The following is a press release from the Office of the Prime Minister:

“The most recent statement of the Opposition Leader, appealing for a 1990-style insurrection to be the response of those citizens who are undergoing the hardships that many are currently experiencing, is a most dangerous, damaging and unpatriotic obstruction in this time of our national struggle in these pandemic times.

Such a statement could easily be misunderstood or viewed as acceptable encouragement by any unfortunates who may think that this thought is an acceptable response.

The Opposition Leader clearly believes that she could benefit from such a development but any such actions would be very costly and detrimental to the entire nation.

Clearly that is not any of her concern.

Equally to be roundly condemned is her relentless attack on the professional public servants in the health care sector whom she identified, by name, and subjected them to her warped and disgusting analysis.

These public officers are the cream of our professionals who have come to our defence in this moment of great need, in a pandemic and as Prime Minister, charged with the responsibility of steering this nation to a safe place in this storm, I appeal to the Opposition Leader to search within herself for any modicum of decency which would direct her to leave the public professionals out of her political desperation.”