Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley address members of the media during a press conference at the Diplomatic Centre in St Ann’s, yesterday.

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley will hold a day of prayer this Sunday with religious leaders and this will be streamed live to the public to join in.

“We’ll ask for God’s blessing in a very difficult situation, asking for a difficult and threatening circumstance to pass us by,” he said during a press conference updating the country on Government’s COVID-19 measures.

Rowley said functions were planned next week to observe Shouter Baptist (Liberation) day but these are now cancelled due to COVID measures. He said before the virus started he’d been meeting religious leaders – Anglican, Roman Catholic, Seventh Day Adventist – and one of their requests had always been to have a Day of Prayer.

“This is as good time as any (to have it ) – Sunday March 29,” he added.

He said he’d invited leaders of several religious bodies to join him and his wife at the chapel of the Prime Minister’s residence at St Ann’s for the service.

Rowley also warned “smartmen and women” not to exploit Government’s relief measures offered to those affected by the crisis.

“This isn’t Christmas, there’s no Santa Clause here, we’re trying to save our national situation … it’d be very disappointing if in the face of all we’re trying to do, we have at the end of the day, to invoke law enforcement against the local smartmen and women,” he said.

“Government won’t hesitate to bring the full force of the law on any act of perceived dishonest, dishonest people. This is an honest attempt by Government to help as far as we can – we expect reciprocal honesty.”

Rowley said he wouldn’t be surprised if some thought the money wasn’t enough.

“It’ll never be enough, but we’re giving all that’s available, we don’t know how long this (virus) will last, we’re walking a tightrope between the virus that could kill us and economic preservation … funds are limited, but we’re trying to bring as much relief as we can.”

– Gail Alexander