Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley.

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Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley will update the country today on the way forward with COVID-19 restrictions and regulations as the current period is set to end on tomorrow.

The prime minister has said that epidemiological data plays a significant role in this process.

The most recent data coming from the Ministry of Health during its virtual press conference on Wednesday indicated that the daily average caseload continues on a plateaued trajectory, decreasing slightly to between 27 to 30 cases.

Stakeholders within the entertainment and recreation sector which is still subject to heavy restrictions and economic fallout are hoping the prime minister would come with some positive news.

Derek Chin, owner of the MovieTowne cinema franchise is hoping some allowances are given for in-house dining for bars and restaurants and that the restriction on concessions at cinemas is lifted.

“I think that we’ve done a good job in the last two weeks. We’ve seen a…stabilisation of cases so it’s just to keep it tight, keep the lid on and monitor as we move on. And of course all the restaurants and bars and so on are willing to adhere to the best (practices),” Chin said.

He said if concessions are allowed, his cinemas would be able to reopen as early as Wednesday.

President of the Barkeepers’ and Owners’ Association (BOATT) Teron Mohan also hopes in-house dining would be allowed to resume.

Health experts, both locally and internationally, place public cooperation as a key factor in mitigating the spread of the virus. According to the Commissioner of Police, Gary Griffith, there has been a notable increase in public compliance to the regulations in recent times when compared to earlier in the pandemic. However, he noted that adherence to the mandatory wearing of a mask has been an issue.

“We have noted a heavy sense of responsibility by many to do the correct thing and most are adhering to the mandated requirements. However, as with any country, there will always be a few who need to be directed if not reminded of their responsibility. Most when confronted plead being forgetful or absent-minded when seen by authorities without a mask, especially at beaches. These mandatory requirements such as wearing your mask must start being seen as an immediate and automatic action when leaving your home (or the water), similar to wearing a shirt or jersey,” he told Guardian Media.

As of yesterday, there were no additional COVID-19 related deaths according to the Ministry of Health’s update but it confirmed 24 additional infections.