New Police Service Commission members, from left, Rajiv Persad, Maxine Attong, Ian Ramdhanie, retired Justice of Appeal Judith Jones and Maxine King pose for a picture after receiving their Instruments of Appointment at President’s House yesterday.

Even as Retired Justice Judith Jones was named the new chairman of the Police Service Commission yesterday, Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley lashed out at Opposition leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar for claims she made about links between him and one of the new PSC members.

Jones and the other four nominees, Maxine Attong, Ian Kevin Ramdhanie, Maxine King and Rajiv Persad, were sworn in by President Paula-Mae Weekes yesterday.

The new commission will now determine whether it will present the existing merit list for the Commissioner of Police to the President or finalise its own merit list.

The swearing-in of the new members came as Persad-Bissessar again raised questions about an alleged link between King and someone said to be familiar with Prime Minister Rowley.

However, Rowley yesterday slammed the Opposition leader for her continued attempts to link him to the newly-installed Police Service Commission member, wealth manager Maxine King.

“The shamelessness of this woman knows no bounds but if she has any information of wrongdoing on my part, or that of any of my friends, she and all her minions should be sober enough to slur it outside the protection of the Parliament,” Rowley told Guardian Media.

Only on Monday night, Persad-Bissessar repeated her allegations of a close link between Rowley and King and Inez Investments.

But the Prime Minister yesterday would have none of it.

“Opposition leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar, who led probably the most corrupt government in the history of the Commonwealth, is looking for company,” he said.

“Instead of hanging her head in shame over that undisputed fact, she is hell-bent on recklessly attempting to tarnish the names of as many persons as she could in the vain hope that this travesty will relieve her of the permanent burden she bears as a leader of ill repute.

“Her current disgusting behaviour is simply her attempt to look for company in having corrupt friends and associates.”

Rowley said Persad-Bissessar had a history of making slanderous claims.

“First it was Ministers Eric Williams and Frankie Khan that she slandered through allegations involving Dhansam Dansook, then it was the Landate lies that cost taxpayers $15 million in futile enquiries, including over $1 million in costs and damages, then it was her promotion of Vernella Alleyne- Toppin and her disgusting rape allegations in the Parliament, now it is everybody and their brother, including the President and innocent business people and Presidential appointees,” he said.