Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley has sought to strengthen ties between Trinidad and Tobago and Ghana, particularly in the areas of agriculture, transport and the energy sector.

The Prime Minister currently is in Ghana, a special guest of that country, as it observes its 63rd Anniversary of Independence.

He is using his time in the West African country to build a stronger bond between both nations.

“This milestone that we’ve marked will manifest itself further in the kind of contacts that we are trying to build,” says Dr Rowley.

The PM says when he leaves Ghana, his special advisor on agriculture matters—Dr John Alleyne—will remain to learn more about the country’s ground provision sub-sector. Agriculture is one of Ghana’s major economic sectors, providing employment on a formal and informal basis.

The intention is to re-develop the sector here in T&T, as part of Government’s economic diversification efforts in light of volatile energy prices, as well as to ensure food security for this country.

“We in Trinidad and Tobago have been concerned about our food security and very dependent on the consumption of Northern Hemisphere wheat products, and have lost our advantage and tradition of growing ground provision.”

Dr Rowley says as Ghana teaches us about their ground provisions sub-sector, they will be able to access our expertise at the UWI Cocoa Research Centre for their cocoa production studies, an economic commodity from which both nations benefit.

The PM also encouraged Ghanaians to experience the beauty of the Caribbean, which attracts tourists from all around the world. He believes non-stop flights between both countries using Ghana Airways when it is re-establishedc can be beneficial.

“We would like to anticipate that one of the legs of Ghana Airways will be a craft to Port of Spain that will bring the Caribbean and Americas to a highway, providing the shortest route to the African continent.”

Prime Minister Rowley said T&T is looking forward to taking part in the gas processing business in Ghana.

He also said this country is proud that one of its indigenous banks, Republic Bank Limited, has opened a branch in Ghana.

[All images courtesy OFFICE OF THE PRIME MINISTER.]