Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley MP.

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley said contrary to what is being alleged by the UNC, he did in fact declare the purchase of a $1.2 million townhouse at Inez Gate, Shirvan Road, Tobago, to the Integrity Commission.

He is now considering suing Opposition MP Saddam Hosein.

First raised on a Monday Night Forum, UNC MP Saddam Hosein said checks at the Integrity Commission showed Rowley did not declare this townhouse to the Integrity Commission.

However, speaking in Tobago today, Dr Rowley brought to the media what he said is his 2019 declaration to the Commission.

Dr Rowley said page 9 shows that the property was disclosed on February 22, 2019.

The PM is now questioning how Hosein could claim to have access to his declaration forms at the Commission when ‘Form A’—which includes assets, income and all other details—is supposed to be a confidential document.

Dr Rowley also took issue with the Integrity Commission which he said knows the truth and did not respond to the UNC to put an end to the allegations.

The PM said the UNC has strategically deployed these untruths in order to influence the Tobago electorate before Monday December 6th.