Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley has said the mental health of men should be of grave concern to us all.

In a message for International Men’s Day yesterday he said at present, “We seem to be experiencing an escalation in domestic violence and various other forms of abuse against our women and children. This is closely linked to men’s emotional and mental health.”

The Prime Minister said all men are urged to treat with the disposition of their minds, and not be afraid to seek help and support, in times of crisis, in their intimate relationships.

He stressed that violence does not solve problems and should never be the first reaction to address family problems.

He told men, “Your worth is not undervalued, neither is your masculinity diminished when you seek counsel.”

The PM said the goal of reducing family violence and the eradication all forms of violence against women will not be achieved by 2030 if all men and boys do not identify themselves in the present call for behaviour change and management.

This year, the international theme “Healthy Minds and Bodies” focuses on the holistic well-being of men and boys and the impact it has on all spheres of life including family, marriage, community and the nation.

The Prime Minister continued, “One may ask, why is this so for some men? Poor health appears to be based on male

behaviour, which includes notions of masculinity, risk-taking, occupational exposure, etc.”

He said regardless of the reason, one thing is certain, persons, who do not invest in their health are a detriment to not only themselves but their families, their communities and the nation.

He added that consistent health check-ups, early intervention and treatment are key to responding to the body’s signals of pain or discomfort.

“Prevention is better than cure and in some cases, there may not be a cure, “ he said.