Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley.

Renuka Singh

T&T will continue to “actively particpate” in meetings, deliberations and voting with the Organisation of American States (OAS).

The country will still abstain from any resolution or motion “put forward or sponsored by or on behalf of a purported representative of Venezuela”.

That clarification came from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which stated that T&T remains an active part of the OAS, but will not vote on any Venezuelan issue as Venezuela withdrew from the OAS back in 2017.

At a post-Cabinet meeting last month, Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley said T&T will go to OAS meetings but will not vote “where the people who are sitting there representing countries are not proper”.

In a text response today on the issue, the Prime Minister said the misinformation presented by the media on this issue was “annoying”.

“There has been NO CHANGE in our position. It is an insistence by the Government that the facts be repeated because you people in the media keep misrepresentating those facts either deliberately or incompetently,” he said.

Rowley said this latest media statement sought to correct a misleading newspaper report.

“It is tedious but we will correct the misinformation every time it is published.

Trinidad and Tobago NEVER made any demand for any Venezuelan representative of Maduro Govt be seated at the OAS,” he said.

“That fallacy is misinformation published by media people,” Rowley said.

“We corrected it but they insist on repeating their foolishness,” he said.

Rowley said that the Government objected to “any Venezuelan representative being entertained at OAS meetings because Venezuela has withdrawn from the Organization and is NOT now a member of the OAS”.

“Can’t you all not see a difference?” Rowley asked.

Rowy said there was no change in Government position on this matter.

“What change?” he asked.

“Imagine we abstained on a vote only to have it reported that TT was absent from the meeting!! This is becoming annoying!,” he said.